Trebuchet and Pumpkin Chunkin'


Bertrand Schreibstein

Edlin School Director of Operations

November 6, 2017

Trebuchet and Pumpkin Chunkin'

Today, Edlin School's imaginary castle at the far end of our playground battleground was barraged with spherical orange orbs flung through the air impacting the ramparts to the glee of our assembled artillerymen and women.

Well not actually.

However, we were able to hurl scores of pumpkins from one end of our playground to the other.  And yes, they did splatter.

Mr. Epp, our Science Director, spoke to each class and demonstrated how our school's trebuchet uses the mechanical advantage of both a lever and fulcrum, and a heavy counterweight to hurl pumpkins across our playground. After some fine adjustments, our pumpkins began to fly.

A score of orange orbs sailed into the sky, impacting 50 to 75 meters downrange, shattering into pieces before shards of pumpkin finally rested near the far away tree line.

Thank you, Mr. Epp for explaining science in a way that continues to excite our students.  Thank you, parents for sacrificing your Halloween pumpkins for a good cause.

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