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Edlin School campus is conveniently located in Reston, VA on five acres of lush woodland and fields, blocks from the Hunter Mill exit on Sunset Hills Drive.


Edlin is an academically gifted private K4/K5 through 8 school established in 1989. The school emphasizes a classic curriculum in combination with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics), and uses proven methods to create the best learning conditions for gifted students. Our excellent teachers and small class sizes allow a variety of teaching methods. This approach gives each child the academic foundation to learn through their highest learning level.

We address the needs of the whole child by creating a nurturing environment that provides physical and artistic opportunities. Our students and programs have been recognized numerous times for outstanding achievements.

Students who take full advantage of the Edlin curriculum leave the eighth grade ready for the rigors of the best public and private schools in the Washington, D.C. area and the nation.


The program is intellectually demanding and prepares students for increasingly competitive and rigourous further education, while encouraging student value and self-esteem.  The school is not parochial but does teach and support universal values of friendliness, cooperation, and social responsibility. Edlin encourages students and their families to practice such values in the outside world to support the community minded nature of education.


Linda Schreibstein, a long time educator with a degree in Psychology, opened Edlin School in 1989 as a co-ed school designed to meet the needs of gifted and talented children in the Reston area. Her experience and education in child development helped her design and establish a curriculum based on research that supports a multi-tiered approach to education.

Schreibstein recognized the need for gifted children to be challenged and provided the opportunity to advance beyond traditional schooling levels. The Edlin advanced academic curriculum is based on the classic core subjects of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, but also includes athletics, performing and visual arts, foreign languages, and technology. As technology and science advances, so does the school curriculum.

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Faculty & Staff

Linda Schreibstein


Diana Dumont


Marie Calilhanna

Assistant to the Director

Bertrand Schreibstein

Director of Operations

Kathy Ledig


Steve Alabi

Assistant Principal


The Edlin Parent Teacher Organization is a nonprofit organization that promotes open communication and understanding among parents and staff; enhances the educational experience of every child; raises and uses funds for supplemental educational materials and experiences; and brings the Edlin community together to support the school and foster social interaction, while enhancing the learning environment for our children.

Your involvement is so meaningful to us. There are many ways parents can get involved. We have an exciting year ahead with many fun and exciting opportunities, especially for volunteers.  There’s a smorgasbord of volunteer opportunities within the Edlin PTO, and something that's sure to appeal to everyone.

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A Community of Excellence in Education

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